Welcome to the Department of Human Resource Management’s Leading with Integrity course. This course was designed to promote ethical leadership practices based in principles of integrity, in support of HB 216 (2015) Workplace Abusive Conduct Amendments to Promote a Healthy Workplace.

The course is made up of five 50 to 55 minutes modules, with each module addressing a unique leadership topic, namely: Trust; Communication; Engagement; Ethics; and Emotional intelligence. Each module is divided into four or more segments to facilitate viewing and to enhance learning.

The course is open to all state of Utah employees, regardless of supervisory status.


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"Ethics must begin at the top of an organization..."

- Edward Hennessy, CEO Allied Signals



You can’t be a great leader without trust. Leaders must both show trust in and earn the trust of the people they intend to lead. In this module you will learn of ways to establish work relationships based on trust and restoring trust when it has been lost.

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It is simply impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator. In this module you will learn why communication is so critical to leadership, some of the the organizational barriers to communication, and how to get your point across in the varied circumstances you may find yourself in.

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Employee Engagement

Employees who are engaged in their work contribute more and have higher levels of job satisfaction. In this module you will learn the roles a leader plays in increasing employee engagement, efficacy and empowerment.

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Leaders are often called upon to make ethical decisions, this is particularly true of leaders in the public sector. In this module you will be provided perspectives and tools to help you make ethical decisions when values conflict.

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Emotional Intelligence

Being in tune with yourself and your emotions, having sound situational awareness, and understanding and appropriately responding to the emotions of others are critical to your success as a leader. In this module you will learn about emotional intelligence and methods for increasing your “EQ” or emotional quotient.

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